FlirtyMania gifts

The most common small rifle in the world. This gift doesn’t shoot, but definitely adds +100 in masculinity to the owner.

Christmas angel
Four paws and two wings - this kitty creates a wonderful mood. Perfect company for snowy evenings.

Guardian Angel
A good spirit that protects and guides a person throughout their life. To present such a gift means to express your concern and care for the life of that person.

Is there a girl who does not dream of becoming a princess? Perhaps your beloved will come down from the high tower and take a walk with you if you give her this doll.

«Be my Valentine»
Woo your sweetheart with this love declaration and show that special someone exactly how you feel. Mutual warm feelings guaranteed.

Bavarian beer
This beer bears the following sign: "Brewed according to a precept of 1516". Its production has been regulated for centuries by the Purity Law enacted by Wilhelm IV. Bavarians call their beer "The liquid gold of Bavaria." Every year they celebrate their strong beer during the Lent and the famous beer festival "Oktoberfest".

Classic combination of the cream and biscuit can make you forget about the diet!

Surprise cupcake
Beaten cake, fluffy cream… Oh, wait! What’s that? Hope the answer is always “Yes”!

Glass of champagne «Crystal»
Legendary and insanely expensive champagne, known worldwide as the «liquid gold». Before the clinking of «Crystal» glasses, be sure to make a wish. Chin chin!

Christmas Cheburashka
The good-natured and naive cartoon character. He's kind of like a symbol of 2016 monkey, but a thousand times more kind and loving. Happy New Year!

Blue Christmas ball
Beautiful festive balloons is never enough! So be sure to give your friends this piece of magic mood. And in case you compile the entire balls collection, next year you'll spend in prosperity and well-being.

Mink coat
The real man knows what every woman dreams of and he perfectly fulfills her wishes. Give this luxury fur coat to melt the heart of your lady. And after such a gift she will definitely respond you in return.

Gold chalcidian helmet
The gold helmet of Alexander the Great is an artifact from the famous Soviet film "Gentlemen of Fortune." Every Russian knows the helmet and will be delighted to receive such a gift.

Candy cane
This sweet is joy of giving and pleasure for receiving. After all it is the most recognizable sweetness for Christmas and New Year.

Purple Christmas ball
Beautiful festive balloons is never enough! So be sure to give your friends this piece of magic mood. And in case you compile the entire balls collection, next year you'll spend in prosperity and well-being.

Red Christmas ball
Beautiful festive balloons is never enough! So be sure to give your friends this piece of magic mood. And in case you compile the entire balls collection, next year you'll spend in prosperity and well-being.

Snow Globe
In the new year this snow globe fulfills all desires and fills your home with laughter and joy. Believe in miracles. And they will come true!

Christmas stocking
Here there are two times more surprises than in Santa Claus bag. And by the way you can wear this sock even after the New Year celebration. So, in case you want to give this gift then it's better to buy two at once .

Cinderella's glass slipper
Present this shoe to the most beautiful ladies in the video chat. And once, perhaps, this gift will fit the foot of the girl with whom you'll happily live like in a fairy tale.

Tiffany Brooch
Perhaps the most famous name in the jewelry world and the dream of any girl. When you present her this blue box with its luxurious brooch, she won't be able to resist!

Trooper helmet
Clone troopers are faceless and loyal soldiers who risk their lives for the sake of the Galactic Republic interests and Palpatine. If you are ready to defend the Republic, then put on your trooper helmet and join the Grand Army.

Santa's Elf
This year this adorable corgi will take care of your gifts. Everyone needs such a friend. Even your winter walks will be happier than ever before.

Cocktail «Cosmopolitan»
One of the most recognizable alcoholic cocktails in the world. It is drunk by men and adored by women. This compliment is always served with small slices of lime and the lion's share of coquetry.

Even a partial moon emits enough soft and cool light to illuminate the path of a wanderer in the Arabian desert, and the stars guide his journey towards his destiny.

"For capturing the crown"
The medal is awarded for outstanding service and special importance for FlirtyMania. This is a recognition of the brightest chat stars who are worthy of coronation.

Ribbon of Saint George
A special gift in honor of the anniversary of the victory over the Nazi Germany. It is a sign of immense gratitude and respect for the freedom and life won with blood and back-breaking efforts for the good of the Great Victory.

This headpiece is made of gold and diamonds. It is worn only by women of royal blood. To give away a diadem is to highlight the beauty of the woman, alluding to her royal lineage.

Morning coffee’s best friend! On the go or abed, it’s all up to you. What is your favorite option?

Earrings with pearls
In these antique earrings, diamonds are combined with pearls gathered by hand in the Sea of Japan by young women known as 'Ama'. A genuine piece of ancient history in a gold setting!

Evil Heart
Whether you're being eaten alive by angst, or you simply want to show your inner drama queen, this evil anti-Valentine’s gift is for you.

Faberge Egg "Memory of Azov"
A gift of jewelry in the memory of Nicholas II's journey to Russia's Far East in 1890 on the cruiser "Memory of Azov". Inside this Faberge egg is a precious miniature of this ship on an aquamarine plate.

Faberge Egg «Bouquet of Flowers»
Emperor Nikolai II presented this gift to his wife Alexandra Fedorovna in 1901. The egg is made in the shape of flower baskets and is covered with gold enamel and diamonds. Today, this relic belongs to the jewelry collection of Queen Elizabeth II.

"Red Cross" Faberge egg
This gift symbolizes a tribute of respect to Empress Maria Fedorovna's work for the Red Cross. Due to austerity during the First World War, the egg was low-cost and simple in design.

Faberge Egg "Rosebud"
The first Easter gift of Emperor Nicholas II to his wife Alexandra Feodorovna. Inside the egg there is a yellow rose. It's a symbol of the Empress's home city of Darmstadt, which she missed so much.

Faberge egg «Steel Military»
The steel egg was the last Easter gift presented by Emperor Nikolay II to his wife Alexandra Fiodorovna. It was crafted to honor the awarding of the Order of Saint George to the Tsar during the First World War, a very difficult time for Russia.

"Friendship Loyalty" Medal
This award is given for special devotion, selflessness and courage in defending the interests of friends and comrades.

This gem is a great comforter. It gives relief and hope for a brighter future. Amber increases vitality, develops intuition and protects against the evil eye.

This most expensive stone in the world is known for its beauty and special magical properties. When you give someone a diamond, you bring success and good luck to the new owner.

Since ancient times, it's been believed that the Garnet is a lovers' stone. The Garnet is a wonderful way of declaring your love. This stone could rekindle your beloved one's passion and affection.

This stone is rightfully called a symbol of longevity and enduring beauty. It helps its owner find a common language with each viewer and protects from "star fever".

The "King of Gems" boosts women's attractiveness and men's confidence. Moreover, it works as a talisman and protects against injuries and evil intents of enemies.

This mineral is a sign of admiration for the innocence and purity of your friend. This Sapphire will bring harmony and wisdom to the life of the lucky owner.

Topaz is universally considered to be a stone of friendship, wisdom and spiritual purity. As a rule, people use talismans with topazes to create success in their professional career and wealth.

Let this delicious gift seriously sweeten up the evening festivities. Present a cake to congratulate on a birthday, wedding day or any other occasion. Don't forget to wish plenty of cakes and sweeter life to your friend!

Ladies always love to receive perfume as a gift. This exquisite gesture will say a lot about your intentions to its recipient. The gift goes especially well with a "Bouquet of red roses" and "Candy".

The main weapon of a heartbreaker and an indispensable accessory of a true fashionista.

Thanksgiving turkey
It's the most popular guest at the banquet table in the United States today. Have nothing to thank for on Thanksgiving? At least rejoice that you are not a turkey.

Golden gun
The key attribute of real gangsters. You can intimidate users or conquer a couple of women's hearts. Even very desperate ladies do not mind buying it.

Mountain gorilla
Despite its fearful appearance and King Kong movies, these animals are peaceful and feed mostly on plants

FlirtyMania Medal of the first degree
FlirtyMania Guardsmen are awarded the Medal of the first degree for the well organized broadcasts, after which the audience were dumbfounded by his/her charisma and talent.

FlirtyMania Medal of the second degree
FlirtyMania Guardsmen are awarded the Medal of the second degree for showing courage and resourcefulness in meeting people and active protection of their own interests in the general chat.

True music lovers will appreciate this classic vintage electric guitar. This gift will help highlight the musical tastes you share with your friend or to express respect for his or her talent.

Rapping is the best way to fit as much praise as you can into one sentence! If you don't believe us, just listen to this little guy!

Hot chocolate with marshmallows.
The best winter delight - a sweet cloud in your mug! Share it with your beloved ones or treat yourself.

”Incomparable” necklace
The perfect, genuinely flawless yellow diamond included in this piece of jewelry was found at one time by a little girl in a mountain of rubble in distant Africa. Today it serves as a proof of your strongest affections!

It’s very hard to find this baby from faraway Japan, an adorable mischief-maker. Catch me if you can!

Tiger Knife
Any authoritative and imperious man will appreciate this magnificent weapon. Such a gift perfectly expresses respect and brotherly sympathy for the other party.

Main villain’s sword
A mysterious weapon with a red blade and hilt formed by two blades. The owner of the sword is even more dangerous than the weapon. Want to master the power of the red blade? Come over to the dark side!

Rainbow whirl can take you back right into your childhood! An ideal present for the bright nature.

"For bachelor's defense"
Mark of distinction of lone heroes that did not break under the pressure of female attention, and defended the title of eligible bachelors.

Margarita Cocktail
She was a languid socialite and agreed to give her name to the cocktail, predicting a brilliant glory of the best aperitif of the XX century. The first cocktail based on tequila has dizzying success to this day!

Medal "For female courage"
The highest degree of reward for women in recognition of their skillful defense and subsequent counter-offensive that resulted in the complete defeat of the forces and the hearts of opponents.

Mittens for love birds
You want to hold hands in any weather! Get your hands out of your pockets and show your love to the whole world. Anyone who gives such a gift definitely cares about their second half.

Obi-Wan Kenobi's legendary sword
Exactly this lightsaber was used by the great master Obi-Wan in his duel with Darth Vader. Embrace the light side: master the blade's pure energy and help the Jedi ensure justice in the galaxy.

Giant panda
Discovered only in the 19th century, this cute animal is now one of the symbols of wildlife protection

"Penal battalion"
A special mark of distinction for the most experienced and hardened Chat users. It's awarded to the most persistent and brave members who escaped from captivity and safely returned to service.

Graff Pink
This magnificent specimen with its rare pink diamond weighing over 24 carats is capable of melting the ice in any heart. A gift worthy of a movie star!

Luck Potion
Squeezed from organic four-leaf clovers, prepared by leprechauns in pots of gold. Lottery winnings and lots of luck will come your way immediately after use!

Love Potion
A mixture of rose petal dew, ground lovebird feathers and a drop of mandrake extract for some love magic. Use with care or risk becoming addicted!

Strength Potion
Dragon breath infused with a basilisk claw, enclosed in a flask made from the encrusted bark of an ancient, magical oak tree. Now your trainer won’t laugh during the last set.

Beauty Elixir
The tears of beautiful fairies and woodland elves mixed with an angelic feather and infused with precious salt crystals and gold leaf. Beauty no longer requires sacrifice - just take a couple of sips...

Potion of Eternal Life
Water of life from a secret source and dragon scale extract will grant you and your loved one immortality. It brewed for 100 years in a snake's nest found in the deepest cave, and it gives the drinker resistance to all poisons and diseases. Use it on yourself or give it to someone you fear losing.


Be sure to share these sweets with your friends in the chat. The more candy you hand out, the more happy dates you will get. It's almost a law of the universe.

Christmas tree
Be sure to congratulate your friends with the upcoming holidays and present them this festive tree gift. After all it's the main symbol of Christmas and the New Year all over the world.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
A fairy-tale deer with an unusual red nose leading Santa Claus's herd of deer . Rudolph is a symbol of Christmas and New Year's festivities.

King Cobra
This rare type of snake brings its owner good luck and new wins.

I Love You Teddy Bear
This giant teddy bear is so big that girls can't even put their hands around it.


Teddy bear

A system or device that vibrates mechanically. One can only guess about the purpose of this device.

Flag of the United Arab Emirates

Flag of Armenia

Flag of the Arab League

Flag of Azerbaijan

Flag of Belarus

Flag of China

Flag of Germany

Flag of Egypt

Flag of Spain

Rainbow flag

Flag of France

Flag of Georgia

Flag of Indonesia

Flag of Israel

Flag of Italy

Flag of Japan

Jolly Roger Pirate Flag

Flag of South Korea

Flag of Kuwait

Flag of Kazakhstan

Flag of Portugal

Flag of Russia

Flag of Saudi Arabia

Flag of the Soviet Union

Flag of Turkey

Flag of the Republic of China

Flag of Ukraine

Flag of Great Britain

Flag of the United States

Heart of the Ocean
The famous necklace from the movie "Titanic", where the main character Rose posed nude for her beloved artist. The price for this piece of jewelry is so high that only the wealthiest can afford it.

We remember this colorful candy from of our childhood. Generously give sweets to the audience and you will certainly find new friends.



Rabbit's foot
This talisman drives away evil spirits and brings good luck to the owner. People always believed that the rabbit's foot is the strongest protection from the love spell, the evil eye and bad spirits.

Heart ring
The rare red gemstone in this ring speaks of its exclusivity and luxury. Only truly worthy ladies can wear this ring.

I Love You ring
The inscription on the ring says everything. Give the gift from a pure heart, and your beloved will answer you in return.

Bunch of red roses
A sure way to capture the heart of a beautiful lady. A gift of several bunches looks especially spectacular and speaks of the giver's generosity and chivalry.

Chocolate strawberry
Sweet outside, yummy inside. Tasty berry covered by gorgeous icing for the sophisticated persons.

There is only one thing that is bigger than his palace: his good heart. He will make your life sweeter than baklava!

Diamond watch
This work of art, inlaid with 1282 diamonds, will delight any man! Who ever said diamonds aren't for men?

Basket of tulips
This spring bouquet will add a festive mood and surprise your woman. Give flowers and compliments to your girl to make her smile. Lovely moment!

Loggerhead turtle
Slow and cumbersome on the ground, they completely change in the water and turn into swift and agile swimmers

Lovers' little helper to the rescue! His arrow is aimed for the heart and it never misses. Whom will you choose as your target?

Evil Voodoo Doll
Since ancient times, this doll has been considered the main tool of evil witches and wizards. With it, you will frighten and punish your enemies. So let's play the most evil Halloween trick!

Voodoo Doll for Love
This doll will void the vow of celibacy and will captivate the most convinced singles. On the eve of Halloween, black magic consolidates these feelings forever. The right time for a love spell!

Wedding rings
Symbol of love and fidelity. Presenting a "Wedding Ring" is almost like giving birth to a child or building a house. A small step, but with a promising future.

Blue whale
The largest living animal and, perhaps, the largest animal that has ever lived on Earth

Single malt whisky
It's the most expensive drink, recognized as the national product of Scotland and the UK. Only traditional technologies incorporated by masters in the XVIII-XIX centuries are used for its production. Whisky has an unusual flavor and a distinct taste.

Glass of Wine Château Lafite
This exquisite drink embodies luxury and prestige. To make it, the grapes are harvested from century-old vines - the taste of centuries in your glass!

Winged Heart
With a pinch of romance, a bit of charisma, and this angelic V-gift, you'll be winning your lover's heart in no time.

Christmas wreath
Traditional coniferous decoration for Christmas creates a festive mood and gives an unforgettable atmosphere of Happy New Year.

Christmas tree
It is the main figure of the upcoming holidays. The most interesting things are happening around it. And beneath it, you find the most unbelievable gifts.